The Beginners Guide To Experts (Chapter 1)

How to Choose a Good Painting Contractor

A brand-new coat of paint can bring wonders to your home, and working with a paint to get the job done is worth the added expense. But! You must make the right hiring choice.

To make sure that your paint project will be successful, think through the following:

License, Bond and Insurance

As you know, anyone who holds a paintbrush can work your walls. But you want an expert contractor who can actually stand by their results. Someone who is bonded, licensed, and insured can offer you protection as a customer and can be held responsible for your project’s outcome.
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Written and Reasonable Estimate and Recommendations
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Most certainly, estimates and recommendations should be provided to you in a formal document. Know whether an estimate is a predetermined price and what exactly you will be getting for your cash. Check if the estimate for the work falls within the same range as at least two other contractors’. It is typically not good when a contractor gives a bid that is dramatically lower than the rest. In most cases, it simply means that the contractor intends to take shortcuts, or that they are desperate to win a project because of poor reviews from past clients.

Client References

Ring no less than three references, and have a chat with other clients regarding their experiences with the contractor you’re eyeing.

Trade Association Membership

Select a contractor who is part of at least one painting contractors’ association, both local and national. Being involved with others in the industry shows that a professional has a high level of commitment to his work and follows current best practices.

Written Guarantee

Not only should a guarantee include the quality of work itself, but also what surfaces will be painted on specifically, as well as the maximum amount of time within which the job may be completed.

Employee Screening

Know the process by which the contractor generally hires painters. Remember that the risks are far greater when a contractor, instead of hiring regular employees, chooses to work with day laborers. For one, nobody performs adequate background checks on day laborers, making you vulnerable to theft. Regular employees as well are more likely to do better paint jobs, being hired on formal contracts, unlike day laborers who have no problems with a come-and-go system.

Experience and Professionalism

A contractor who has years of experience, deals with clients in a businesslike manner, is courteous, and has an ever busy schedule, you’ve likely found a gem.

Quality Product and Application

The actual paint used will dictate the quality of the results and around when the surface will need to be painted again. And as an industry standard, two coats of paint should be applied per job. Finally, never sign the contract without thoroughly reviewing it first.