Touching Frogs Might Not Get You Warts But a Virus Will


(Edmonton, AB, Canada)– Warts are something no one wants to talk about because they are ugly and can be embarrassing. For many years, an old wive’s tale has been spread throughout the world, leading people to believe touching frogs gives them warts. Perhaps, this rumor was started because frogs have a bumpy, warty appearance. Whatever the reason, Dr. Anil Sharma warns this is simply a fallacy. With summer just around the corner, no one needs to be afraid of the many frogs and toads that will soon be everywhere.

Warts are actually caused by a very contagious virus. This virus is a part of the Human Papilloma Virus family and can enter the outer layers of skin through a minute cut or scratch. The virus instructs the skin cells to begin replicating at a high rate of speed, causing warts. This virus can easily be spread through contact and a person can even spread the virus from one part of their body to another.

Dr. Anil Sharma warns patients to avoid treating their warts at home. “Over-the-counter remedies simply do not always take care of a wart. Unfortunately, many patients come into our office with a full-blown outbreak of clusters of warts simply because they tried to remove them at home. We caution our patients to come in as soon as a wart begins to develop so we can successfully treat it.”

Warts can sometimes last up to two years and eventually go away on their own. Since most people do not want to wait that long, there are medical treatments that can bring prompt relief and remove warts without scarring or major discomfort. Dr. Anil Sharma wants individuals to know treatments are covered by insurance, “We want individuals to know that wart removal is covered under universal healthcare so there is no reason to wait for treatment.”

Some forms of treatment involve removal using special tools. For widespread outbreaks, there are internal medications that can be given to stop the virus and the spread of warts. Warts do not always respond to treatment right away but Dr. Anil Sharma has created a treatment protocol that has been successful at treating difficult warts. The key is seeking treatment as early as possible.

So, while warts might not come from frogs, they can certainly be transmitted from other people and surfaces that are infected. Practicing careful handwashing and hygiene is a must for preventing the virus from infecting the skin and causing a reaction.

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