How are Dentists Improving the Appearance of Their Patient’s Smiles?

Having a beautiful smile is something most everyone wants to be able to achieve. Unfortunately, there are many issues that may arise and cause a person’s smile to look less attractive than they would like. When the teeth are malformed, slightly crooked, or badly stained, these can all create a blight on the smile and make a person feel self-conscious. There is now a way the dentist can help a patient with multiple cosmetic concerns so they can have the smile of their dreams.

Porcelain veneers are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of improving the smile. They cover the entire front surface area of the teeth so all cosmetic issues are concealed.These remain in place for many years and make a person’s smile look naturally beautiful. Once in place, they blend in well and look like a person’s natural teeth. The thinnest variety of veneer does not even require a person have any of their tooth tissue removed.

The type of veneer a person receives will depend on their teeth and how much they can afford to pay. Resin veneers are applied in layers and are the least expensive option for dental veneers. Although they do not last as long as porcelain veneers, they are a viable option for those who cannot afford the price of porcelain. These veneers require maintenance to ensure they will not become damaged.

Porcelain veneers may be applied without any invasiveness. This type is simply adhered to the outside of the teeth. If the dentist needs to remove some tooth tissue, special tools will be used to remove the outermost layer. Once the teeth are prepared, the dentist applies each veneer individually to the teeth. The veneers are made to precisely fit over a person’s teeth so they provide a perfect fit.

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